About Us

Our team consistens of two locations: Glanworth and Pinebank. Pinebank was founded in 1919 by the late Henry Falloon and the original 40-hectare Glanworth property was pioneered from standing bush in 1892.


Our Philosophy

We were looking for genetic recessive genes, checking each herd’s potential for growth, and Looking at the different environments and their effect on growth.

Our Sires

We aim to breed bulls that pass on traits of growth, fertility, soundness and quiet temperament to their progeny. We produce quality product as a result of this.

Contact Us

Joe M. Fouhy
P: 06 376 7324
E: glanworth@farmside.co.nz
Willie Falloon
P: 06 372 7041
E: falloon.waigroup@xtra.co.nz
Shaun Fouhy
P: 06 376 8869
E: glanworthfarm@gmail.com

About Us

We aim to breed bulls that pass on traits of growth, fertility, soundness and quiet temperament to their progeny.

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1 week ago

Glanworth Angus

Please sign thisWool you please take a minute to read and sign Amy’s petition @everydayfarmer👇📝📤📬

It honestly blows my mind that this petition is even required so please get behind it for any ONE of the reasons listed below. I’ve updated link in my bio take you straight there from Instagram.

Petition request

That the House of Representatives ensure all public-funded buildings and KiwiBuild homes are built or refurbished with New Zealand wool carpet and New Zealand wool insulation.

Petition reason

New Zealand wool is a locally grown, natural, renewable resource that must be used in all public-funded buildings and KiwiBuild homes. It is: environmentally friendly - produced totally from renewable and natural resources; biodegradable; sustainable; fire-resistant; superior in performance; safe; absorbs toxins; acoustically excellent; healthier as it improves indoor air quality; and energy efficient. Wool stores carbon and has economic benefits, as it is locally produced and creates jobs.

*See comments below for link to Amy’s petition*


#campaignforwool #campaignforwoolnz #sustainablefibre
#newzealand #nz
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